Get The Right Machinery & Industrial Equipment Supplier & Distributors

Machinery & Industrial Equipment suppliers and distributors are a vital part of the supply chain for any factory or construction project. Any issues with these moving elements can play havoc with end product timely deliveries or handing over of project/ repair job.  Getting aligned with the best industrial distributors to handle your project or maintenance schedule is extremely important.  A good equipment supplier should be able to support you with timely inventories, the right product specifications, and technical support at all times.

Vendor Development or Sourcing Managers

As a purchase manager in charge of sourcing out the equipment and engineering components for an industrial unit or a project, you are always constrained by the budget and time limitations. It is essential that you find an industrial distributor who can support you with fast, reliable service at a budgeted price.

The market for construction products and industrial manufacturing products for e.g. CNC components, machine tools or consumables such as lubricants, abrasives, bearings etc. is enormous, but distributors who really align with the needs of the end-user are few and far between. As a purchasing manager, you need a distributor who understands your needs and is able to provide you with engineering solutions to comply with projector equipment specifications.

Consultant and Design Engineers

Machinery or Industrial  dealers are also a good source of information for those in the design stage. Consultant needs to put together designs that suit the needs of production line or a project which holds up to the environmental conditions stated and are easy to maintain and assemble at site.

Maintenance & Production Engineers

Although once the factory or project is running it may seem that now you may need only machinery spares or routine consumables. However many times the design changes or product upgrades are required. The existing production lines and equipment should be flexible enough to accommodate these needs without the need for heavy investment.

Also maintaining industrial consumables of specific grades and brands to best suit your product and application is something that a good spare parts supplier can help you with.

Contractors & OEMs

For a contractor doing the job right & for an OEM how their end product stays profitable and relevant is extremely important. Many times OEMs & contractors tend to change their dealers keeping in view price competitiveness.  However, contractors and OEMs need to take care of their relationship with a reputable distributor as it will help immensely to stay up to date with technologies and the latest trends in the market.

All the stakeholders such as vendor development, project managers or consultant, and contractors/ OEMs should be able to communicate (specify) the needs of the project and they count on the distributor to source out the best quality industrial components and units.

Timely delivery and commercial terms such as invoicing, the warranty should be efficient and easy to handle. It is of prime importance how you choose your machine tool dealer in India or channel partner in any other country as they are one of the most strategic partners throughout the production or construction chain. has made it their prime mission to help industrial component manufacturers and work with them as strategic partners to connect them with the best spares and machine tool dealer in India or channel partner in international markets such as Europe, Latin America, and USA through affiliate network.


Why do I need distributors for my industrial components or machines?

Distributors play an important part in connecting manufacturers and customers. They can improve response times by maintaining an inventory of consumables and spares to meet immediate service needs.

What are different types of Industrial Distributors and Suppliers?

Distributors can have exclusive contracts, franchises (mainly for service and repairs) or OEM contract (value addition) with manufacturer depending on value they add to the primary product or service.