What Building Material Suppliers and Construction material wholesalers must consider staying relevant in the future?

It is no surprise that the way carbon neutral investments in construction concepts are gaining focus the building material suppliers will have to realign their stock and supply chain to be relevant in the coming years. Traditional construction material wholesalers are already facing issues to keep up with the latest architectural designs and building material specifications.

Countries that are open to innovation are already amending their building codes to take into account the latest innovations and reduce inefficiencies. Some of the emerging concepts are gaining fast acceptance and are already in practice in countries like UAE, Denmark, and Sweden etc.

How changing preferences will influence Building & Construction material suppliers?

Energy Efficient Building Materials

LEED certifications and Green Building codes are already a norm in architectural specifications. These codes focus on renewable resources and recycling practices thereby leading to the requirement of a completely new class of building materials and construction equipment.

The building material suppliers not only need to align the supply chain for energy-efficient construction material such as insulations, energy-efficient paints, but also need to become solar distributors & integrators of home automation products to stay relevant as they are an integral part of building codes.

3D Printers for Onsite Construction

New material development & digital technology will surely make construction much faster and economical in the future. Advanced 3D printers suitable for handling multiple materials extrusion are able to provide productivity and flexible scheduling.

Building material wholesalers will have to build a commercial model to become 3D printers dealer or a renter of 3D printers to provide construction material on demand.

Nearby Building Material Store

The nearby hardware and building material store may become irrelevant as they are inefficient in procuring the right product with limited inventory & investment capability. Web-based platforms today are able to offer customers a solution to choose a building material on the portal and pay it online with cost delivered to site ensuring transparent costing and fast turnaround times.

Automation in Construction Material Handling

Construction material movement is getting automated with innovative material handling systems such as towlines, under-hang cranes, inverted and free conveyor systems, etc. The current powered chain systems will completely change the way wholesalers provide construction equipment used for building construction.

Renter’s, distributors, suppliers in the building and construction segment will have to reconfigure their inventory, storage, and commercial models as traditional trading is set to be replaced with customized requirements. So as a supplier are you ready for the future? As construction equipment renter do have the necessary skills to meet new age construction requirements? Is your current manufacturer able to meet developments in building material specifications?

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Is building material wholesale business profitable?

It is one of the most profitable businesses however being capital intensive and bulk purchasers being building contractors the cash flow & credit issues need to be handled judiciously.

What are the most common construction supplies?

Construction supplies can be grouped into three main categories. The first category is materials like Steel, wood, paints, concrete, etc. The second category is construction machines such as excavators, graders, cranes, scrapers, trenchers, etc. and lastly the third category is consumables like welding rods, machine tools, protective gear, site markers, etc.