Join Global Sales Consultant Partner Program

  • Are you willing to sharpen and share your sales consultant expertise with overseas companies?
  • Are you a Channel sales specialist or Franchise development expert?
  • Do you have minimum 10 years of sales experience?
  • Are you self-starter; willing to work independently as manufacturer’s rep?
  • Do you have necessary infrastructure to work remotely?

If your answer is “YES to all”, you are most welcome to join our Global Sales Consultant Partner Program.

How it works

  1. We build your Sales Partner profile

Click here to Register as Sales Consultant  to build your sales partner profile. Choose “Sales Representative and complete relevant fields. This allows you to receive unique Selloverseas id (displayed in your DASHBOARD) in your registered “Business Category”.

Once completed simply send e- mail at with subject line as To qualify as Sales Consultant- My selloverseas Id XXXXX ( Id as displayed in your Dashboard) from the registered email id for final qualification and due diligence at our end.

Benefits of Joining Global Sales Consultant Partner Program

 Your profile is visible globally to companies POSTING in registered Business Category.

  • Add Selloverseas to your individual social pages for enhanced social visibility.
  • Receive direct inquiries to work on projects.
  • Sponsorship contribution to join local trade associations in your zone of operation.
  • Premium Access to Database of Sales Agents.
  • With your profile established, we will match and give direct access to decision makers and other members seeking Sales Consultant in your country of residence.


Frequently Asked questions

How do I know if I am qualified as Global Sales Partner?

Upon completion of Sales Consultant profile send us a mail at . Our team will confirm the qualification acceptance and indicate membership level based on evaluation and due diligence of profile information.

Do I have to pay anything to become Selloverseas Global Sales Consultant Partner?

The membership is absolutely FREE for all qualified members.

Will I get priority to represent company as Sales consultant in my zone of operation?

The exclusivity and priority is dependent on membership level. The earlier you complete the levels, the faster you reach exclusive club.

How is Global Sales Partner program different from other placement companies?

You have option to work as an independent manufacturer’s rep or may choose to work as part of sales consultants team–please see below illustration for available roles as indicated to franchise companies and manufacturers.
  • Become local Sales Consultant partner in base country or where company’s decision makers are based. Prime responsibility includes closing the project and compile objectives/ reports. Or
  • Become Business Category specialist at Selloverseas to guide sales consultants in base country and destination country. Or
  • Become Sales consultant in destination country to execute and implement agreed objectives.

How big is network of companies?

Currently we have more than 100 companies, who are actively seeking sales consultants. Many more companies are registering on daily basis.

How much time will I be ask to commit?

At any given time you can work on maximum 2 projects simultaneously. You will be required to quote time (no. of hours or days) required to meet objectives as per agreed scope or services. The company evaluates quoted time and consultants experience before awarding the assignment.

Will Selloverseas team help me to get started?

Yes, absolutely our team is always available to guide you right from setting up of profile to evaluation of scope and closing/delivering of contract. LinkedIn page understand more about services.

Is their guarantee of paid assignment?

While the provide a platform to pursue short term opportunities, makes no guarantee, express or implied, that you will be able to secure a paid assignment.

How will I get paid for the sales assignments?

Depending your membership level either you can choose to work for payment through or negotiate directly (obviously, at your own risk) with the companies once they shortlist your profile.For other details please refer to privacy policy and terms of use  or mail our compliance officer at

How can I cancel my membership?

You can send a mail to with Subject – CANCEL Sales Consultant Membership from registered mail Id. The membership also expires automatically upon
  1. Refusals to quote 3 consecutive projects.
  2. Receipt of 3 below average ratings by company.
  3. Response delay to emails or phone calls for 5 consecutive working days.

Once I cancel my membership can I reactivate?

Yes, you can join again anytime after completing the qualification process again.