Report Sample for BASIC Package subscribers

A Simplified POST Analytics report serves as a directional tool to realign POST for a meaningful engagement. It gives an overview which is insightful to target the right export market and drive connections.

Note: The figures, recommendations etc. indicated in below report are just for sample purpose

POST(s) current Status/ Mode:

a) LIVE: 1

b) Pending/Draft/ Testing/ TrialMode: 0

Consolidated Summary (By Operations Team)

a)Unique Views*: 1500 (approx.)-Approx. Cost per View: 0.0006 USD

b) Engagement Rate1: Europe 32%, USA 10%, GCC countries: 20% ; Japan/Korea 8%

All Others (India / South America/ South East Asia etc.) 40%.

Total PINS- Not subscribed.

(Active Social Pins/ Notifications/ Internalcirculation on network in same business category)

  1. c) Interest Request/ Message (TotalNos.):28 Nos.

From Registered Users in same Business Category and Target country: 17

(Already delivered in your Dashboard)

d) Other business categories and countries: 11 (Can be shared upon request)

e) Due Diligence- Not subscribed

* Unique Views meanswhere real Viewers clicked Full Description excluding internal operation team/ & web crawlers.

1 Engagement Rate means Geo location of Unique Visitors who read the POST in Full

Some Notes

1) Selloverseas network have more than 25 users who meet required criteria (Business category & zone of interest) within our offline database. Please check with us, if you would like us to explore prospects with them on your behalf.

Our Industry Expert Inputs/ Recommendations;

  1. POST has been indexed by search engines (Google, Bing etc.). We expect the views to rise in upcoming quarters for targeted keywords.
  2. The F&B distribution is highly regulated in your target export market. It would be worthwhile to add regulatory approvals and confirmation to meet labelling, certification etc. jointly with appointed distributor.
  3. The target market is also major re export hub for Africa and other ME countries. Ideally distributors want C&F rights to some African countries.

Way Forward

  1. It is also worthwhile to simultaneously explore appointment of representative to manage promote and manage inventories with major retailers.
  2. Your objectives are more aligned to C&F Agents or Importers. Refresh POST to include interest from C&F agents or import houses.

Feel free to get in touch with for us any further input/ clarification or if you feel other services are more suited to your needs.

Thanking you and assuring you of our best services always.