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Selling is tough, especially if you are just starting out. The trickiest part is meeting commitments within tight budgets. So how do you sell if you are just starting off in a new market? Is there a quickest way to sell and create overseas markets? Well yes! There is a simple and economical way to start. Choose what works for you…

Online Approach

Online search, Build a POST and start connecting with registered distributors, franchisee and sales representatives.

Promote your product/ service to appoint Sales Channel partners through Selloverseas online database

Benefits of creating online POST;

1. Your POST is always LIVE and searchable, unlike social media sites.
2. Saves time! Work with genuine and serious prospects.
3. Online search tool to shortlist & connect directly.

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Online Services

Field Approach

Eyes, ears and legs on the ground to execute your planned objectives.

As each product, service and market is different; so are the market entry and channel development needs and requirements.

Benefits of active approach;

1. Tailored services to your specific product/ services and market.
2. Market insights for quick results.
3. Almost 99% success rate.

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FIELD Services

Eyes, ears and legs on the ground to execute your planned objectives.

A.     Get a simple quick market scan (1-2 pages) for your product in your target market.
Benefits of quick scan report

1.      Get selling prices and market volume estimation for your specific product.

2.      Regulatory requirements to export in your target market.

3.      Recommendations on best way to move forward from local prospective.

B.     Generate list of 10-20 closely matched Sales Channel profiles
How we do it?

4.      We create ideal profile of potential sales channel partner in discussion with you.

5.      Field search and create a list of 10-20 potential partners meeting your criteria.

C.     Introducing your product/ service to potential partner
How we do it?

6.      Find the decision makers and introduce your product to qualify the prospect.

7.      Validating your initial important questions and collating queries from prospective channel partner.

8.      Recording and sharing feedback of each shortlisted potential partner.

D.     Scheduling face to face meetings
What we do?

1.      Personal assistance during visit to the region or video call for meetings.

2.      OPTIONAL: Assistance in signing an agreement for language, legal, taxation and custom requirements.

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E.     Appointing Sales Representative on your behalf
Key Objectives of Channel Development Specialist

3.      Appointing, managing and motivating distribution & channel sales partners.

4.      Assisting in inventory management and payment follow up.

5.      Lead generation, calling prospects & follow ups to close sales contract.

Other services

Product Listing on local B2B portals in your target market and providing fulfilment centres.
What we do?

1.      Development of Localised Media kit (Language, product listing etc.).

2.      Completing registration and regulatory requirements locally.

3.      Arranging import documentation and fulfilment centres for local stocking.

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Common Queries

  1. Who executes customize or active sales scope for Selloverseas.com?

Currently, our network has verified channel developments expert and sales consultants in 32 countries. Many more are joining on daily basis…

  1. How can I appoint channel development specialist on short term basis?

You have an option to either appoint directly or choose to work with Selloverseas.com on contract basis.

A simple illustration (for Selloverseas.com execution mechanism) is as below;

  1. Can I have combination of both active and passive services?

Yes, of course.

  1. Are all the registered members affiliated with Selloverseas.Com?

No, the registered members are not affiliated with Selloverseas.com or AEPL in any way. They are just registered members on our site.

Only Channel development experts and sales consultants authorized to execute ACTIVE (on field) services have gone through Selloverseas due diligence process.

Sales Representatives, Distributors, franchisee register with us for opportunities to expand their product lines and business growth.

Manufacturers and Franchisors register with us to connect with sales representatives, distributors, franchisee, Agents, Dealers, importers etc.