Selloverseas FAQ’s

It is an online platform that helps Companies and Individual Sales Representatives, Distributors, Franchisee, Franchisor to post/ search & connect with each other from anywhere in the world.

Agentnet Exports (OPC) Pvt. Ltd (referred as AEPL) is the company that operates Our company is based in New Delhi, India.

Yes it is absolutely free to register as Sales Representative /Distributor or Franchisee looking for Sales/ Business or Franchise opportunities . Once activated, it is also free for a Sales representative/ Distributor or Franchisee to contact companies posting opportunities.

Sales Representatives , Distributors/ Franchisee  may purchase a ”ADD ONs’’ in order to gain extra visibility/ features on our site, but it is totally optional.

Yes, it is absolutely free to register for all members and listing directory will be updated with registered details.

Yes, Companies can POST FREE as per Listed  Terms of Use. Please refer to our detailed terms and conditions for FREE POST in Terms of Use.

Each FREE POST on (AEPL) shall be for a fixed period (Fixed for 1, 3 or 6 Months), which is subject to change without prior notice. AEPL will commence its FREE services upon receipt of ADMIN FEE (Currently 1 USD/month + Applicable Tax )

  1. FREE POST Qualification Criteria: The POST should be comprehensive with minimum details such as ( or as suitable)
  • Detail of Product/ Service; Current Company Sales Turnover; Sales Route clarity/ Sales Volume expectations.
  • Expected Investment required and ROI (or reseller margin).
  • Marketing Support details / Any other detail to attract potential Channel Partner such as exclusivity/ Sole Representation etc.
  1. We are sure you will agree that POST Quality is first point of contact with your prospective Sales Partner. The Quality/ Content of the  POST  gives measure of your BRAND EQUITY & Purpose to Engage  . For benefit of our esteemed members/ visitors we request you to build POST with at least above details to qualify as FREE POST.

As per the Terms of Use, reserves the right to edit a profile. All posts and profiles on are on a no name basis and any information that gives out the business / promoter identity is removed from the profile or post. Also, once a profile has been activated, users can update their profile with new information, but changing the profile materially in such a way that it represents a different business is not allowed. Selloverseas  team can take up to 2 working days to review edits and approve the profile/posts back on the platform.

If any information is missing or incomplete, our team may contact you to obtain this information. The post will be activated within 24 hrs to 48 hrs from posting.

Registered members (Sales representatives/ Distributors or Franchisee and companies) can search through our database and contact Registered Companies through or view contact details depending upon ADD ON package purchased. Companies can contact Sales Representatives/distributors and Franchisee only. Sales agents can contact companies only.

We provide registered companies posting  their requirements  with a complimentary list of relevant registered members, based on their requirements ( Country/ Business Category etc.).

No. The sales agents and companies that are registered on our site are not affiliated with or AEPL in any way. They are just registered members of our site. Sales Representatives/ Distributor register with us because they are searching for new product lines and opportunities. Companies register with us because they are searching for sales representatives, distributors/Franchisee/ Agents/ Dealers/Importers etc.

Even though we try our best to screen through the profile for every registration before activating them, it is not possible for us to completely verify the credibility and authenticity of members. Users are advised to do their own due diligence before doing business with any member they find on our site.

Yes, registered and active members can contact as many companies as they like for free through For viewing contact  details of posting companies, please upgrade to relevant ADD ON services.

Registered Members can reach out to other registered members through Registered Companies can send 1 free contact request/ month within same Business Category for Registered Sales Representatives / Distributor or Franchisee only.

 Sales Representatives/ Distributors and Franchisee can send multiple free contact requests for interested companies.

The request status will be updated on dashboard/or through registered e mail.

Paid Members can view contact details  as per package purchased. However for quick and assured response we would suggest to use our services.

Once you are a registered member, just contact us and we can provide you a template. Please keep in mind that your company will need to customize the agreement for your requirements. We also recommend that you have a legal expert review the agreement before you start using it.

Although we have very active database from around the world (with new ones registering daily), we do not guarantee that you will end up appointing Sales Representative, Distributor or Franchisee through our site. That will completely depend on your product/service, pricing, terms, and the communication that you have with respective registered member. We are merely a platform that connects companies with Sales Agents.

We use the most secure  multi-currency global payment gateway 2Checkout  which ensures  your personal data are safe while checking out online. 2checkout has PCI Level 1 Compliance which is by-far the highest level in the industry.

All standard payment as acceptable  by 2checkout ( depending on your country) including debit/credit card VISA, Mastercard, Paypal etc. are available along with great documentation and support.

All customers can also transfer/ deposit  directly to our bank account. The Bank details are as below

Bank Name: Axis Bank Ltd.

Account Name: Agentnet Exports (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

Bank Account Number: 919020037146259

Bank RTGS/IFSC NEFT Code UTIB0000593
Bank MICR Code 110211051
Currency INR

The charge will be in the name of Agentnet Exports (OPC) Pvt. Ltd., which is the name of our company.


Selloverseas.Com is engaged in an online-information service business. The services referenced herein are delivered online only. assumes that on activation of membership/ services, the entire amount of service charges or membership fee is consumed. Once membership/ service is activated and/or post/ services are released, it is inferred that the user has started using services offered by this website and money paid for such services cannot be claimed as refund.

Before the membership is activated, Member/Subscriber can claim cancellation and refund. Please refer to our Terms of Use for more details.

Yes.  Registered Members are able to cancel their registration at any time by sending us e mail.

Please note Re-activation in future may entail Setup/ or Re-activation charges.

All registered  users -Companies, Sales representatives/ Distributors or Franchisee can purchase a Featured Profile & Companies can  also purchase Banner Advertisement along with  Featured Profile , though it is optional.

A Featured Profile highlights your profile on our homepage and on top/ & side of relevant search results for increased visibility. Since our homepage and the top of search results tend to get the most traffic, your profile will get more visits in comparison to a regular profile. A specific symbol will also be placed on your profile in search results, further attracting the attention of members.

A Banner Advertisement would be displayed on our homepage and on top of relevant search results. Our design team can create a customized banner for you, and once you approve, it would be activated on our website. When an interested member clicks on the banner ad, it would take them directly to your profile. This will give you tremendous visibility to members who are searching. Since the banner ad is usually one of the first things that catch the eye, it is a great way to attract the most members to your profile. Your Banner Ad could also be displayed prominently in the monthly e-mail containing Featured Members sent to all members. This e-mail will be seen by thousands of members. team of regional and subject matter experts can help  you with tailor made scope in limited geography and market segment(s) please click on customized package and our expert will call you for working out scope as per your expectations.

Registered members can leave a message on dashboard  or feel free to call on listed contact numbers Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (IST). Our team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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