Selloverseas FAQ’s

What is is an online marketplace aggregator that enables  manufacturers, franchisors and master distributors to connect with high performing sales representatives, unit distributors or franchisee in targeted export markets and business categories.  

Who owns

M/s Agentnet Exports  Pvt. Ltd (referred as AEPL) is the legal entity that owns and operates . Our HQ is based in New Delhi, India and representative office in Dubai( United Arab Emirates).

Is it FREE to register as Sales Representative /Distributor Or Franchisee on

Yes, it is absolutely FREE to register as Distributor (Wholesaler, retailer etc.) or Franchisee (master or unit)  or Sales representative ( channel managers, manufacturer’s rep etc.)  looking for growth opportunities. Once profile is activated, it is also free for  Sales representative/ Distributor or Franchisee to connect with manufacturers and franchisors posting opportunities on  

Is it FREE to POST as manufacturer’s, franchisor or master distributors/ franchisor?

Yes, it is absolutely free to register for all users and listing directory is automatically updated with profile details. Yes, Manufacturer’s ; Franchisors and Master Distributor or Master Franchisee can POST FREE inline with the listed Terms of Use.  

Will my Profile or POST will be active upon Registration/Or Posting? reserves the right to edit/ verify any profile or POST in line with listed terms of use and privacy policy. Once a profile or post has been activated, users can update  with new information, however changing the profile materially for e.g.  changing registered business category or country of HQ/ residency can only be done through prior approval of admin. If any key information is missing or incomplete, our team may request you to update information before making it visible to other members.

Once I am registered, how can I find what I am looking for?

Registered members  can search through our online database and contact other members through to view contact details as per guidelines indicated in your personalized DASHBOARD. For full scope and services please visit our services page.

Are the users registered on affiliated with

No, the registered members are not affiliated with or AEPL in any way. They are just registered members on our site. Only Channel development experts and sales consultants authorized to execute ACTIVE (on field) services have gone through Selloverseas due diligence process. Sales Representatives, Distributors, franchisee register with us for opportunities to expand their product lines and business growth. Manufacturers and Franchisors register with us to connect with sales representatives, distributors, franchisee, Agents, Dealers, importers etc.

Can the registered users on can be trusted?

Even though we try our best to screen through  the profile for every registration before activating them, it is not possible for us to completely verify the credibility and authenticity of members. Users are advised to do their own due diligence before doing business with any member they find on our site.

Once I Register as a Sales Representative/ distributor Or franchisee, can I connect with all the manufacturers or franchisors on

Yes, registered and active members can “SUBMIT INTEREST” as applicable to their registered profile. Please check your personalized DASHBOARD for more details.

Can guarantee that we will end up appointing sales representative or distributor?

Although we have very active database from around the world (with new ones registering daily), we do not guarantee that you will end up appointing Sales Representative, Distributor or Franchisee through our site. The end outcome purely depends on your product/service, pricing, terms and the communication that you have with respective registered member.  

Can I cancel my registration any time?

Yes. Registered members are able to cancel their registration at any time. Please note Re-activation in future may entail Setup/ or Re-activation charges.

How can I get more visibility on

All registered users – manufacturers, franchisors, master distributors, sales representatives, distributors or Franchisee can opt for Featured Profile.Featured Profile highlights your profile on our homepage and on top/ or side of relevant search results for increased visibility. Since our homepage and the top of search results tend to get the most traffic, your profile will get more visits in comparison to a regular profile. Your Banner Ad can also be displayed prominently in our monthly e-mail sent to all members. Please schedule a video call to discuss more.

What if our requirements are specific? Or can help us find or verify sales channel partners? team of geographical representatives and product line subject matter experts can help you with tailor made scope in limited geography and market segment(s). Please check our services page  and schedule a video call with our sales expert to discuss customized scope as per your expectations.

How can I contact sales team?

Just drop us a message on our Facebook or LinkedIn page. We believe that a video call is a great way to connect and collaborate. Feel free to schedule a video call through our HOME page. Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible service and support.