Did beauty and personal Care products wholesalers & pharma franchisee/ Retail franchisors fed to hysteria during COVID-19?

 In the year of global pandemic 2020 social media groups saw heightened postings such as  Require Personal Care Products Wholesalers or Wanted distributors for herbal products. The demand for herbal remedies suppliers and immunity boosters distributors grew exponentially.

Health and wellness product suppliers also increased promotion budget to cash in & feed on hysteria with an objective to maximize export of health and hygiene products. Now in 2021 let’s take a looking role played by wellness distributors, herbal product distributors and fitness retail franchisors.

Roles played by Health & Wellness distributors and Fitness franchisees.

The objective way is to evaluate each category separately and see how each category contributed to the safety and wellness of society or they simply used COVID-19 to expand the franchise network & make quick profits.

Nutraceutical (Nutritional Supplements suppliers)

Nutraceuticals primarily include approved OTC herbal remedies and nutritional supplements. Despite regulatory warnings and experts cautioning not to believe the claims made on social apps, we could see many messages claiming cure. This fed to global hysteria leading to record ayurvedic medicine exports from India.

Studies proved that the human body takes an extended length of time to build immunity from food and nutritional supplements. An average person with no underlying condition starts responding only after 6-12 months. The medical community has cautioned that all supplements should be taken only under the supervision of authorized personnel to avoid any overdose or other side effects.


Beauty and Personal care products distributors started promoting beauty products as Cosmeceuticals (a combination of cosmetic and therapeutic drugs).

All tall claims made by cosmetic retailers and personal care product wholesalers fell flat against COVID-19 except certified hand sanitizers, normal soap, and face masks. Only these three products proved to be savior along with social distancing guidelines.

Pharma Franchise & Medical Device Distributors

Pharma Franchisee and Franchisor along with distributors of wearable medical devices (such as oximeter, portable BP machines, facemask hygiene, nitrile gloves etc.) played extremely important role during these testing times. Many pharma franchisee supported hospital and healthcare distribution infrastructure by keeping their outlets open 24/7 and providing all necessary equipment & education to general public on how to manage symptoms and precautions to take during testing times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fitness Retail Franchisee

Retail Franchisee such as gym franchisee or weight loss management franchisee was the hardest hit during this pandemic primarily due to socialBeauty and Personal Care Products Distributors distancing guidelines and strict lockdowns. However many fitness franchisees innovated the service delivery by connecting with their members online.

All the four categories played their role to help society in general; however Pharma franchisee and Medical device distributors definitely helped the society at large. The retail franchise offered online training and coaching which provided mental and psychological strength to face a difficult situation. Herbs and herbal distributors used COVID-19 to expand dealership opportunity & grow business.

Selloverseas.com team of experts have extensive market knowledge of all four categories to advise and connect you with genuine companies having stable business models.


What is the difference between cosmetics & Cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals are a combination of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and contain active ingredients for the treatment of certain skin conditions. Cosmetics are purely for beauty enhancement and do not have any therapeutic effects.

Does pharma franchisee need a license to start a business?

A pharma franchise means just a commercial contract between pharma manufacturers and individual to promote pharma products. It is a purely commercial transaction and does not require any specific license or qualifications.

What is the best healthcare and wellness franchise in India?

Some of the popular requests Selloverseas.com receives for wellness franchise from India:
  1. Hair loss and control clinics.
  2. Weight Loss and Nutrition management.
  3. Ayurveda Treatments and Massage centres
  4. Cosmetics and Beauty salons.

Which country imports most beauty and personal care products from India?

This is difficult to answer as regulations and requirements differ from country to country as per product classification. However Selloverseas.com is seeing increasing requests from Russia and CIS countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine) for Indian Herbal and Ayurveda wellness products and franchise.