Sales Agents

How to find an Independent Sales Representatives and create a strategic partnership?

Global trade is custom-made for the independent sales representative business model. Global manufacturers and franchisors with an international outlook fully understand that without local personnel presence it is difficult to develop sustainable sales.

Representatives are uniquely positioned to become eyes and ears for international manufacturers. Multinational companies do recognize that the local representatives are strategic partners crucial to success.

Some of the major benefits freelance sales representatives bring are:

  • Domestic strategic alliances and relationships.
  • Insights to plan market entry.
  • Operational efficiency to meet local business practices.

How to motivate and build strategic partnerships?

International companies understand that a motivated local sales representative can not only help them to leverage local relationships but also create mutually profitable strategic partnerships.

The big question is How to do that? What are remote sales representative expectations? Are new age tools like salesforce, Fuze, or google Jamboard sufficient?

Certainly, not sales function can only be automated to a limited extent; it still needs onsite relationships and face-to-face meetings at customer site/ office and informal atmosphere at times to build confidence.


Clearly, communication is the cornerstone in making or breaking the sales representative and manufacturer’s relationship. One of the most common reasons that commission agreements are terminated is a breakdown in communications.

Some minimum points manufacturer should consider while appointing sales agents are;

  • Communicating objectives and expectations.
  • Jointly agreed on realistic and measurable KPIs.
  • Product training and sharing of marketing materials.
  • Feedback and inputs sharing mechanism/frequency.

 Avoid excess e-mails  

There is no alternative to picking up the phone and having an old-fashioned conversation instead of exchanging emails or cryptic WA messages.

Best relationships generally stem from unscheduled communication either over a cup of coffee or at a tradeshow booth, or driving between sales calls together.

If a mail extends to more than 6 pages without any agreeable outcome, it is best to pick up a phone and call. The human voice has a healing effect and gives a better sense of the issue at hand.

Commissions /incentive as per market expectations

A principle has full right to do due diligence & satisfying themselves for:

  • Sales Representative domain expertise.
  • References that demonstrate self-starter attitude and disciplinary approach.

Once the principle is satisfied there is no harm in offering extended termination terms, adding incentives clauses to their contracts, and helping representatives with territory development costs.

It is important to understand that company reputation in a distant market is not only built by quality product or service but a satisfied distributor, franchisee, sales agent, or independent sales representative also play an important part in creating brand perception and company image.

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Sales Agents FAQs

What is the difference between Distributor Vs Independent Sales Representative?

The major difference is manufacturer passes the ownership of the product to a distributor who invoices to a customer with mark-up; whereas an independent sales rep works on a commission basis and the commercial transaction happens between the company and the buyer directly.

How to write an ad for sales representative requirements?

There are many readymade templates available that can be used to simply modify or amended to suit your specific needs. It should clearly communicate sales representative duties and responsibilities and wherever feasible range of sales commissions they can annually.