How can I post free and advertise business in new markets

Looking to promote  sales  on  low advertisement  budget?

Well there is a simple solution; better than spending money on non-measurable advertisements.

All of us want to see a reliable way to get more SALES and grow our business…without wasting time and money on marketing that doesn’t work.

Just build a POST  and check below if your post  qualifies for FREE  advertisement … most recommended step for free advertising working for manufacturer’s and franchisors.

Frequently Asked Questions for How Can I Post Free and Advertise Business in New Markets

How Much Time Does It Take For Free POST To GO LIVE?
All Free Post(s) are subject to due diligence and need to meet set qualification criteria. This generally takes longer than paid POST. Our editorial team will proofread and suggest necessary amendments. Keeping in view high volume this may take up to 7 working days from the date of submission.
I Could See 1USD/Month Admin Charge On FREE Post. Why This Charge?
We are sure you will agree that word FREE also attracts advertisers who may not be committed or have casual approach to contact requests. This demotivates our committed users who take their time seriously.

Serious and committed users willingly accept nominal charge of 1USD/month – this nominal charge also covers optimization by our experienced editorial and technical team-which  is of immense value in the long run.

What Do You Mean By POST Optimization?
We all want our POST advertisement to reach the right audience with maximum visibility in target international market. Although simple communication creates a pull nevertheless technical optimization for search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu etc. is equally important for improved visibility.

The search engines crawlers looks at certain criteria. In fact many times overuse of punctuation marks, missing meta description limits search engine crawlers from indexing.

So what are the criteria?

There are two main criteria first being keyword optimization (for search engines) and second readability analysis (on multiple devices such as desktop, mobile and tablets etc.)

Our experienced editorial team uses

  1. Library of keywords (from country wise search volume repository) popular with distributors, franchisee or sales reps use for searching.
  2. Specific tools to analyze and improve POST(s) for readability such as Flesch reading score, transition words and frequency of keywords.

This enables our technical team to build correct Meta description and add Alt text to the POST(s). Optimized  POST(s) always appear faster in online searches.

Is It Possible To Get Admin Charge Waiver?
Yes, it is possible to get admin charge waived off.  All manufacturers (with own production facility) and franchisors (brand owners)  having functional  website   company mail id (non generic like Gmail, outlook etc.) can send us a mail from registered mail id at

  • Mention mail subject as – Admin Charge waiver request our  Selloverseas id CMPXXXX (as displayed in your dashboard) with below information

Name: {of person authorized to appoint/ sign sales agent contract}

Social profile URL : {of authorized person LinkedIn or similar}

Contact Number:

Email Id.

Our website URL:

Only POST  built as per prescribed template can qualify for Admin Charge waiver.

(Please go to next question  and choose prescribed free advertisement template for distributor or franchise or sales rep as suitable). reserves the right to accept, reject or ask for further inputs as suitable.

How To Build And Upload FREE POST From Prescribed Template?
Just copy below prescribed template in word (doc file). Align or amend the {Content in parentheses} fields in template as per your customized requirements.

Step 1: Login to My Account  : Create a POST using POST Your Requirement tab

Copy the completed template from word file  in POST Job field & Click SUBMIT.

Step 2: Go to ‘Pricing Plan’ tab & Choose FREE or PAID Package for the required time period (1,3 or 6 Months) and submit.

Prescribed  Free Advertisement Template For Independent Sales Representative, Commission Sales Agent Or Manufacturer’s Rep.
Prescribed  Free Advertisement Template  For Distributor, Reseller, Retailer 
Prescribed  Free Advertisement Template For Franchising
Will I Miss Any Feature In FREE POST?
FREE POST is uploaded on anonymous  (no name)  basis i.e. without any obvious reference, which may divulge company or contact details.

  • No company name or logo or website
  • No Mail ids
  • No PUSH notifications (within our business category specific registered groups or with registered users).
  • No E mail notification on receipt of contact request.
  • No Analytics (for e.g. country wise viewership details etc.).
  • Limited Dashboard (Visibility limited to  premium & registered members from target zone of interest & business segment)
  • Limited to 2 target countries.
  • All unsubscribed contact request (for e.g. unrelated business category/ target country or casual visitors received) will be consolidated at the end of FREE period and can be shared upon request.
Can I Subscribe To Specific Feature With Free Post As Per My Needs?
Yes, any of the below features can be subscribed on itemized payment basis with FREE POST(s)

  • Post optimization by our editorial/technical team one time charge of 1USD.
  • PUSH Notifications ( social media groups and registered users) @ 3USD/month
  • E mail notification on receipt of contact request @ 1USD/month
  • More  countries ( over and above permitted 2)@ 2USD/country
  • Additional Taxes (18%) +Handling charges (2%) total @20% .
How CAn I Subscribe My Specific Features For Free Post?
 Send us a mail inquiry at with requirements for submission of formal quote. Features will be activated upon receipt of payment.
When Does FREE Period Expires?
Free period is limited to maximum of 2 contact requests or 45 working days whichever comes earlier.
What Happens When FREE Period Expires?
You may update to any of the PAID package or continue with Pay as you GO Basis. The current price is 5USD per contact request from target country and 3USD from other countries (Additional tax+ handling @20%).