Founded in 1997 in Chennai (India), Zebronics is a major Brand in Audio, IT & Gaming Peripherals, Mobile/ Lifestyle Accessories, Power Solutions, Healthcare & Surveillance Solutions  with a mission to provide products which are Great on design, performance yet so easy on pocket, that every household can afford.

Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd.  core offer Includes Comprehensive Range  and latest models of  (Please visit our website for complete overview):

·        Audio & Gaming Products confirming to latest specifications & design.   

·        Top of the Range IT Peripherals & Accessories

·        Home Automation and Power Solutions.

·        Home Security & Surveillance Solutions (CCTV, DVRs, Door Video Phones etc.)


Currently, we are seeking Distributors/ Master Retailers for UAE preferably based in Dubai / Abu Dhabi or Sharjah and as is listed in below Zone of Interest.

Distributors/ Master Retailers should have all the necessary documentation such as trade licence, customs  approvals, DPS certification & infrastructure in place to import, stock, sell and service above range of products and components  

Our products comply with all major applicable Quality Standards & are certified by competent authorities. All support will be provided to complete documentation/ certification with TRA & other regulatory authorities.