A Swedish company seeks Franchisee/ reseller and sales representatives.

We have developed several applications (Apps) to simplify ordering processes that save costs and generate more revenue for Restaurants, Pizzerias, catering companies, cafeterias and hotels. We are operating from our Sweden office   serving primarily to F&B Franchisee and HORECA segment all over the world.


All our are suitable for open service platform to create an alternative to existing service providers at fraction of costs. Our vision is to break the dominance of the big players and support small and midsize restaurants to go digital in most economical way.



a)     ROS (Restaurant Ordering Services)

b)    DOS (Delivery & Driver Ordering Services)


It offers complete ecosystem of restaurant management and easy integration with existing website, CRM and 3rd party services and payment gateways.


Currently, we are seeking Sales Representatives, Franchisee and Resellers for India and USA.


Resellers, sales agents will be provided with training, technical support & service DEMO documentation to support  growth plans & committed to offer most competitive commercial terms.

The Reseller/ Sales Representatives Or Franchisee  should meet following criteria


A)     Reseller should have excellent network of contacts with in HORECA industry (Hotels, Restaurants & Café).

B)    Should be able to make presentations and have excellent understanding of sales process to close sales contracts.

C)    Reseller should  have sufficient IT knowledge to support customers with on boarding process  for customers.

To Submit details – just Login & APPLY through your account or Mail us your company profile to Marketing@selloverseas.com.

Our vision is to become one of the top 20 digital service companies in Sweden, and create a foot print internationally.

Our applications have been awarded a prize by NCC, for its innovative digital services that will generate higher revenue and other values for NCC’s customers.