Search POST content being first point of contact between Franchisee and  Franchisor  gives measure of  Franchisor’s BRAND EQUITY & Purpose to Engage to Franchisee. 


Our experience has shown that Franchisor searching for Franchisee who develop POST(s) with below minimum details (or as suitable) tend to attract favorable response and instils confidence.


     A.      Your BRAND Story/ BRAND USP(s).

B.    Simple Overview of Market Growth Potential.

C.    Always Upload LOGO/ Brand Identity.

D. Clearly Mention Investment Required / Typical Expected ROI / Preferred Location (Specific City Name in Zone of Interest Field).

E.     Franchisee POST clearly mentioning support provided/ documentation for e.g. Trainings/ Agreement Period/ Exclusive territory rights etc. get favorable response.


 Franchisor’s may use below sample template to build POST. COPY the content to Word File & PASTE after making necessary modifications/amendments and changes as applicable.



 {Company Name} Sole Owner of {BRAND Name} operating in {Business Category &/ or Sub Category as listed on our website} serving from our {Head Office City} office since {Year} primarily in (e.g. F&B, Health & Wellness, Travel, Education etc.)} Segment to more than {Number} countries all over the world.


Brand USP: (Please visit our website {insert URL} for an overview):


a)    An established name since { Year}

b)     Serving {Market Segment- Such as Premium or Affordable} Customers.

c)     Typically Franchisee retains {X %} of net sales

d)     Expected Break- even period of {X-Y Months}


Zone Of Interest: {State1 /City 1 …}

*Also mention cities in Zone of Interest field on Job POST Form as it is displayed in POST summary.


Property Requirements: { Commercial / Residential } Unit with minimum Area of { X-Y Sq Ft} located in {Commercial/ Residential} Hub


What {Company Name/ Or Brand Name} offers:


·        Excellent FEE Structure – A very favorable {Royalty / Commission} structure.

·  Training – Get up to speed quickly with {Standard or Customized} training modules/ Manuals for {ON/ OFF} Field assistance, including { IT systems/ Operation & Maintenance Manuals or as applicable}

·      Agreement Details – Standard {Exclusive / Non Exclusive} Agreement available for {Number} of Years with {Renewable/ Non Renewable} option.


To Submit Your details – just Login & APPLY through your account or Mail detailed company profile to {Email Address}.




To make it LIVE & searchable please follow below steps;


Step 1: Login to My Account :Create a POST using POST Your Requirement tab – Fill in all relevant fields & COPY/ PASTE from Template Word File & Click SUBMIT


Step 2: Go to ‘Pricing Plan’ tab & Choose FREE or PAID Package  for the required time period (1,3 or 6 Months) and complete the transaction.


Once completed our editorial team will add Alt Text/ Meta description for improved search-ability, refine further in line with international customer expectations & will seek your approval before making it LIVE


Wishing you continued success.

Selloverseas team