is happy to contribute in our own small way to your international growth story. We are sure you will agree that POST being first point of contact its content/ quality  gives measure of  YOUR BRAND EQUITY & Purpose to Engage. 


Our experience has shown that FRANCHISEE POST(s) with below minimum details (or as suitable) tend to attract favourable response and instils confidence.


A.    Your BRAND Story/ BRAND USP(s).

B.    Simple Overview of Market Growth Potential.

C.    Always Upload LOGO/ Brand Identity.

D.    Clearly Mention Investment Required / Typical Expected ROI / Preferred Location (Specific City Name in Zone of Interest Field).

E.     Franchisee POST clearly mentioning support provided/ documentation for e.g.  Trainings/ Agreement Period/ Exclusive territory rights etc. get favorable response.



You may use below template to build your POST. COPY the content to Word File & PASTE after making necessary modifications/amendments and changes as applicable.



 {Company Name} Sole Owner of {BRAND Name} operating in {Business Category &/ or Sub Category as listed on our website} serving from our {Head Office City} office since {Year} primarily in (e.g. F&B, Health & Wellness, Travel, Education etc.)} Segment to more than {Number} countries all over the world.


Brand USP: (Please visit our website {insert URL} for an overview):


a)    An established name since { Year}

b)     Serving {Market Segment- Such as Premium or Affordable} Customers.

c)     Typically Franchisee retains {X %} of net sales

d)     Expected Break- even period of {X-Y Months}


Zone Of Interest: {State /City 1; State /City 2; State /City 3; State /City 4…}

*Also mention cities in Zone of Interest field on Job POST Form as it is displayed in POST summary.


Property Requirements: { Commercial / Residential } Unit with minimum Area of { X-Y Sq Ft} located in {Commercial/ Residential} Hub


What {Company Name/ Or Brand Name} offers:


·        Excellent FEE Structure – A very favourable {Royalty / Commission} structure.

·        Training – Get up to speed quickly with {Standard or Customized} training modules/ Manuals for {ON/ OFF} Field assistance, including { IT systems/ Operation & Maintenance Manuals or as applicable}

·        Agreement Details – Standard {Exclusive / Non Exclusive} Agreement available for {Number} of Years with {Renewable/ Non Renewable} option.


To Submit Your details – just Login & APPLY through your account or Mail detailed company profile to {Email Address}.




To make it LIVE & searchable please follow below steps;


Step 1: Login to My Account :Create a POST using POST Your Requirement tab – Fill in all relevant fields & COPY/ PASTE from Template Word File & Click SUBMIT. 


Step 2: Go to ‘Pricing Plan’ tab & Choose FREE or PAID Package  for the required time period (1,3 or 6 Months) and complete the transaction.


Once completed our editorial team will add Alt Text/ Meta description for improved search-ability, refine further in line with international customer expectations & will seek your approval before making it LIVE


Wishing you continued success.

Selloverseas team


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