Electronic Components Retailers, Stores and Distributors on PAN India Basis are welcome to explore distribution potential of YIC, Taiwan (Yuechung International Corp) products.

We are the professional manufacturer of Frequency Control, GNSS / RF Products, and a supervisor member of QIAT (Quartz Industries Association of Taiwan), investor PANRAM is Listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange, stock#8088.  

Some of YIC major Partners are Logitech, Nissan, LG, IBM, SONY, SUZUKI, NIVIDIA, Trimble, Western Digital, ACER, CISCO & GIGABYTE to name a few. 

We are capable of providing the best qualities and services at a reasonable price and the shortest lead-time. Our goal is to provide most competitive terms, to become long-term win-win partner. We also welcome customised ODM requests, to support customer’s differential designs to develop the niche products. 

Our Core Range Includes;

a)      Frequency Control Products  (Quartz Crystal Units (XTAL) ,Crystal Oscillators (XO), VCXO

TCXO / VCTCXO, OCXO, Ceramic Resonators, Ceramic Filters, Ceramic Discriminators SAW Resonators, SAW Filters )


b)      GNSS Module & G-Mouse Receiver (GPS / GNSS Modules ,GPS / GNSS Antenna Modules GPS / NSS receivers (G-Mouse))


c)       RF antennas  (GPS / GNSS ,MIMO Combo ,4G LTE,3G / GSM,2.4G / 5.8GHz (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee), DAB,ISM / RFID,SDAR-SIRIUS/XM Radio))


Currently, we are seeking Distributors and OEMs/ Resellers for Indian Market who have excellent understanding and network of contacts to stock & sell these components to major OEMs & Industries.

We have all necessary infrastructures such as Stocks, Spares, Technical support & Service, Delivery Documentation at very competitive commercial terms.

We comply with all major applicable Quality Standards such as US NSA65-6 communications equipment – EN50147-1 and GB12190-96.

For Application in: Navigation, Automotive, Remote monitoring, Wearable, IoT, Smart Home, Medical, Industrial Control, Smart Meter…etc.

We look forward to a wonderful relationship together and success for all concerned.


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