We would like to introduce our company Yuechung International Corp (YIC ) founded in 1994 in Taiwan. We are the professional manufacturer of Frequency Control, GNSS / RF Products, and a supervisor member of QIAT (Quartz Industries Association of Taiwan), investor PANRAM is Listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange, stock#8088.  

Some of YIC major Partners are Logitech, Nissan, LG, IBM, SONY, SUZUKI, NIVIDIA, Trimble, Western Digital, ACER, CISCO & GIGABYTE to name a few. 

We are capable of providing the best qualities and services at a reasonable price and the shortest lead-time. Our goal is to provide most competitive terms, to become long-term win-win partner. We also welcome customised ODM requests, to support customer’s differential designs to develop the niche products. 

Our Core Range Includes (Please visit our website  https://www.yic.com.tw  for an overview): 

a)      Frequency Control Products  (Quartz Crystal Units (XTAL) ,Crystal Oscillators (XO), VCXO

TCXO / VCTCXO, OCXO, Ceramic Resonators, Ceramic Filters, Ceramic Discriminators SAW Resonators, SAW Filters )


b)      GNSS Module & G-Mouse Receiver (GPS / GNSS Modules ,GPS / GNSS Antenna Modules GPS / NSS receivers (G-Mouse))


c)       RF antennas  (GPS / GNSS ,MIMO Combo ,4G LTE,3G / GSM,2.4G / 5.8GHz (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee), DAB,ISM / RFID,SDAR-SIRIUS/XM Radio))


Currently, we are seeking Distributors and OEMs/ Resellers for Indian Market who have excellent understanding and network of contacts to stock & sell these components to major OEMs & Industries.

We have all necessary infrastructures such as Stocks, Spares, Technical support & Service, Delivery Documentation at very competitive commercial terms.

We comply with all major applicable Quality Standards such as US NSA65-6 communications equipment – EN50147-1 and GB12190-96.

For Application in: Navigation, Automotive, Remote monitoring, Wearable, IoT, Smart Home, Medical, Industrial Control, Smart Meter…etc.

We look forward to a wonderful relationship together and success for all concerned.


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