A dynamic group in the area of e-Retail and e-Commerce seeks commission based sales representatives. We are a team of Entrepreneurs working to generates huge revenue for highly reputed brands of the companies, catering the products to premium customers in the segments like Watches and Jewelry, Home and Living, Wellness, Health, Personal Care, and Education and Holidays to more than 50 countries all over the world.

Our Portfolio includes 

  • Watches and Jewelry
  • Home and Living
  • Wellness
  • Health
  • Personal Care
  • Holidays
  • Education

Distributors and Resellers inquiries are also welcome for USA, Indian Subcontinent, GCC and Africa as per countries indicated below.

All necessary infrastructures, timely availability of Supplies, Technical support & Service, Delivery Documentation to support your growth plans & are committed to offer most competitive commercial terms.

Our products comply with all major applicable Quality Standards for doing business & certifications for product quality.

If you love helping others take charge of their health, wealth, and happiness, and getting paid for it, we offer an unparalleled opportunity.

An Independent Sales Representatives have the opportunity to earn a retail profit commission by selling (ONLINE) the products please submit your interest to discuss details of commission agreement.

We understand that need of each representative is different and are primarily function of product segment, market, sales cycle closing time etc. Our team has strong compensation structures, unlike regular sales commission which comprises of;
# Retail profit
# Sales Rewards and Incentives
# Competitive Compensation Plan
# Repeat Sales Commission
# Step Commission
# Early Payouts
# Month Ranks
# Rank Maintenance
# Year-round Incentives

In your journey of financial Freedom, you are supported by:
 # Exclusive, life-enhancing products developed by reputed international experts
# Multilingual Business Tools and Marketing Materials
# Training Programs – Online and Offline by Industry Experts
# Social Media Resources
# Long term hand-holding by the company and partners