Selloverseas marketing head Suzanne seems to be upset after meeting with digital marketing team. She shared candidly that she and her team are feeling lost and are unable to implement the key marketing metrics. Old school people like me and Suzanne call it 4Ps- referring to classical mix product, price, placement and promotion.

The digital marketing team (so called SEO experts) have taken over the placement and promotion part by prescribing “meta description” & “keywords” thereby completely controlling the intended product placement.

Pricing is largely influenced by incentives on mobile marketing (millennia’s call it mobile APP). All margin calculations and contribution analysis were going haywire being influenced by referral incentives and delivery partners (drop shippers or delivery apps like ubereats, swiggy etc.) dictating the promotion package and listing charges.

Suzanne’s traditional marketing approach was being questioned by data analytics team that could provide new insights to target, sell, track, manage & influence customer choices throughout the purchase process.

Is it time to merge marketing department with data analytics/ SEO and backend site development team? If yes, what do we call this department? How do we set the key deliverables? Who will lead the team?

In view of above how do we orient our traditional and digital marketing approach ?

We at are trying to build a platform where manufacturers and service providers can sort and connect with sales agents, distributors, drop shippers, franchisee as per business category in targeted zone of interest.

Similarly Sales Agents, Distributors, resellers, OEMs, VAR(s) and Franchisee can register their contact details indicating their zone of operation and business category for manufacturers & service providers to connect with them.

Keep on following this space…sell overseas team still debating…and trying to figure out.

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