We are JSC Linkona, Lithuanian business company that supplies peat moss production from Baltic states worldwide.

We specialize in high-quality raw peat and peat substrates to help all types of growers achieve the best results for their plants. The company working in Baltic region, one of the world’s most recognized sphagnum peat mining areas, and has established world-class peat moss customized production lines in Lithuania and Latvia to meet the individual needs of different customers.

We are a dynamic business company that is rapidly expanding in the international market.  Our Core range includes

a)  Peat Moss (Brown, White & Black).

b)   Peat Substrates Propagation & Young Plants, Potting Plants, Tree & Shrub Nursery, Landscaping, Vegetable & Fruit, Blueberries & Acidic Plants, Mushrooms, Individual Substrate & Animal Bedding

We are able to prepare products according to all client requirements or make recommendations according to client needs, our peat moss perfectly fits for plants, trees, vegetables, flowers, blueberries, Cannabis, Landscaping and etc. The wide variation of different fractions (0-5 mm, 0-7 mm, 0-10 mm, 0-20 mm, 10-20 mm, 0-40 mm, 20-40 mm), together with different types of peat moss (White peat, Brown peat, Black peat, Block peat) we deliver for partners maximum quality directly to your field.

We are seeking wholesalers/importers/distributors to collaborate with. We have all the necessary infrastructure to support documentation, export clearances and certifications to facilitate fast and timely product deliveries.