We would like to introduce our company M/s TIBA, Egypt since 1982. TIBA is an established specialised trading agencies & involved  in agriculture development  with continues efforts and accumulated experience in agro development. TIBA succeed to be one of the leading companies of distributing fertilizers (locally & for export Markets) , foliar, seeds, pesticides and associated  agricultural needs.  

We have business associates in many countries such as United Kingdom (FMC Headland), Greece (Gavriel), Turkey ( Eti Maden & Ufuk Tarim) , Spain ( Manvert) , Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland (ADOB) &  Netherland ( Nutrivival) to name a few.

Our Core Offer Includes:

  1. a)     Fertilizers
  2. b)     Seeds & Foliar
  3. c)      Pesticides
  4. d)      Associated Agricultural Advisory and Promotion Services

Currently, we are seeking Distributors / Resellers  or Sales Representative for fertilizer and agrochemicals with strong insight of the market in Africa and Middle east a strong customer based we will offer all support possible to acquire adequate market share

All products are CL free Granular Urea Ammonium nitrate Ammonium Sulphate crystalline powder 21 % with s 24% Single super phosphate granular 15% Triple super phosphate granular 46 % DAP (DI-ammonium phosphate 18-46-0)

We have all necessary infrastructures such as Stocks, Support Services, Delivery Documentation & very competitive commercial terms to help our Sales Partners.

We comply with all major applicable Quality Standards & our products are certified by competent authorities.

Please feel free to get in touch with us about for business related requirements/queries. We look forward to a wonderful relationship together and success for all concerned.