How to search for distributors in export market


Searching for distributors in export market can be really tough, especially if you have limited marketing budget.

The trickiest part is prospecting, shortlisting and initiating contact with decision makers. Here we have tried to simplify the process and reduce the prospecting time to reach decision makers.

Just follow the simple guidelines as below, and you are good to go.

How to build a POST

We are sure you will agree that POST being first point of contact gives measure of your Brand Equity & Purpose to Engage.

Our experience  shows that distributor search POST build with below details (as minimum) generally have good success rate.

  • Comprehensive overview of company and offered product lines (with application details).
  • Clear expectations from Channel sales partners (distributors, resellers or retailers) in terms of space requirements, stocking requirements (for e.g. climate controlled warehousing, special tools for servicing etc.)
  • Type of commercial agreement -exclusivity/ Sole Representation for the specific product lines or geography.
  • Highlighting marketing support, installed base etc.
  • Expected Investment (stocking, tools, manpower etc.)
  • Expected ROI on investment (or reseller margin).
  • Documentation and training support – Export Import Documentation, regulatory approvals, certifications, references as applicable & After Sales Service infrastructure.

 POST optimization for online world

We all want our POST(s) to reach the right audience with maximum visibility in target export market. Although simple and clear communication creates a pull nevertheless technical optimization for search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu etc. is equally important for improved visibility.

The search engines looks at certain criteria. In fact many times overuse of flowery language, punctuation marks blocks search engine crawlers and indexing the page.

So what are the criteria?

There are two main criteria first being keyword optimization (for search engines) and second readability analysis (on multiple devices such as desktop, mobile and tablets etc.)

Our experienced editorial team uses

  1. Library of keywords (from country wise search volume repository) which distributors use for searching new product lines.
  2. Specific tools to analyze and improve POST(s) for readability such as Flesch reading score, transition words and frequency of keywords.


This also enables our technical team to build correct Meta description and add Alt text to the POST(s). Our editorial team works with you to optimize the POST for maximum visibility and effectiveness in target export market.

This not only creates pull from serious searchers online but attracts attention of our registered distributors also.

How to use readymade distributor search template

To simplify the posting process our editorial team has prepared a template which meets most of the requirements. Some important pointers to keep in mind while building a post;

  • Minimum 500 words (ideally 700- 1000 words).
  • Clear headings and sub headings.
  • Always upload company LOGO.

Just COPY below template as word file  and align or amend  the {BLUE} fields in template as per your customized requirements.  PASTE the amended template through your company dashboard in POST requirement field.


Company Overview

We {or Add Company Name indicating type e.g. sole proprietorship, LLC etc.} are a major {manufacturer/ producer/ supplier} of {Product type} serving {Business Category &/ or Sub Category as listed on} currently seeking {distributor, reseller or retailer as applicable}.

Our head office is based in {City, Country} since {Year} primarily serving customer to more than {number} countries all over the world.

Our Important statistics

·        Last 3 years average yearly revenue is {xx Million USD}

·        Growing at the rate of {x %} in domestic and export markets.

·        Total number of employees {Number}.

·        {Number} sales offices all over the world.

Our products and services

Our range is commercially available under {Brand Name as applicable}. For more details please visit our website {insert URL }

Our core range includes  as below;  for an overview please visit our website

·        {Product 1} ( List typical  applications )

·        {Product 2} (List typical  applications )

·        {Product 3} (List typical  applications

·        {Product 4} (List typical  applications


Zone of Interest

In line with our growth plans we are seeking {distributors, resellers or retailers} for wider {Mention Region such as Indian Subcontinent/ GCC, MENA etc. or specific State/ District/ province/ County etc. Also always mention states/ cities in Zone of Interest field on Job POST Form as it is displayed in POST Title}.

 What we offer

Competitive commercial policy

We offer fixed term distribution contract with option to renew {on annual basis or as applicable} on {exclusive/ non -exclusive} basis for the agreed period and geography.

Competitive prices and commitment to support all our sales channel partners on- going basis with

  •     Market promotion plan
  •     Advertising budget
  •     Sales incentive plan etc.

The distribution agreement also includes mutually binding terms such as payment terms, discount policy etc. in line with the market expectations and agreed sales target.

A typical distributor ROI ranges between { x% to y% }

After Sales Support/ service

Necessary in house support infrastructure is available to answer all queries and provide {repair/ replacement} as per sales policy. We are well equipped to provide trainings to sales and service staff for easy on- boarding.

All our products covered under standard Guarantee/ Warranty in line with market expectations and regulatory requirements.

Customized Offer

We are willing to work with you to customize the product offer to meet country specific regulatory requirements such as labelling, packaging and obtaining necessary clearances and approvals to import.

Manufacturing Licence/ local assembly, JV options are also open for channel partners with right resources to invest and grow together.

Certifications and compliances

Our products {service} comply with market applicable quality standards/ certifications such as

·        {Mention all certifications, regulatory approvals as required for target market}.

·        Approvals {mention names of Major OEMs/ EPCs/ Institutional Utilities, consultants etc. as applicable}.

·        References {major customer references}.

What we expect

The distributor should be able clearly demonstrate and share the following;

  • Experience in relevant industry and established network of contacts.
  • Adequate staff and sales team to grow and expand
  •  Financial capability to stock and sell.
  • Financial statement to prove credit worthiness.
  • After sales service and support capabilities.

How to proceed

Just Login through your registered account & use “APPLY” tab to submit interest.

We will revert shortly to seek more information as required or our representative may call to fix up video call at the registered mobile number.

Alternatively you can also email us and share your company profile at {Email Address}.


Frequently Asked Questions for How to Search for Distributors in Export Market

How Much Time Does It Take To GO LIVE?
Generally, you can expect TRIAL POST to be uploaded within 3 working days from receipt of payment confirmation. Within 3 working days our editorial team will proof read and share recommendations to make it more robust before uploading a TRIAL Post. Once TRIAL POST is approved by you it goes LIVE within 24 hours.
Will I Receive Notification Upon Receiving Contact Request From Prospective Distributor?
Yes, absolutely in line with subscribed plan or you can also login and check your DASHBOARD as it gets updated in real time.
Can I Amend Distributor Search Template?
Absolutely, just ensure to meet minimum requirements of 500 words.
How Will I Know My POST Is Optimized For Keywords, Meta Description And Alt Text?
All our BASIC and SUPER VALUE subscribers will receive a screenshot of Google Preview.
Can I Upload Brochure, Posters Or Video?
You are most welcome to use Feature BRAND option on our Home Page. Please send us a mail at with subject line indicating Feature Brand and Company Id {CMPXXXX} as displayed in your Dashboard. Our marketing team will share the media kit indicating requirements such as file size, format etc.
How Big Is Selloverseas.Com Network Of Distributors?
We have offline database of more than 10,000 distributors worldwide.  Beside this there are more than 500 monthly online average searches by sales agents, who are actively seeking new product lines. Many more are registering on daily basis.
Can Selloverseas.Com Provide Field Visits Services Also To Shortlist And Appoint Distributors?
We have network of experienced Global sales consultant verified partners in many countries beside our own team in India, Gulf countries and affiliates. Please send us a mail at with subject line  Field Sales Services our Company Id {CMPXXXX} ; as displayed in your Dashboard. Our sales team will get in touch to discuss customized scope and services.
Is Their Guarantee That I Will Be Able To Appoint Distributors Through Online POST? provides an interactive platform to connect with prospective distributors. The guaranteed services are available for companies using our field services. makes no guarantee, express or implied, that online POST will have guaranteed success. The success is function of many variables such as your pricing, commercial terms, regulatory approvals and willingness to invest in new markets. However typical success rate exceeds 70% for super value subscribers.