Selling Internationally

Selling internationally can be quite complex. All high performance leaders understand that for business what is working today may not work tomorrow. The present sales strategy could become defunct anytime in ever changing business environment. The right time to start carving a new tomorrow through overseas sales strategy is now.  The more it’s delayed the difficult it becomes to find buyers online and partners internationally.

How to start?

It is important to build a dedicated internal core team to set objectives and oversee the implementation. An independent experienced export sales channel consultant like sell overseas .com can help to build realistic expectations. It also helps to ensure that expectations are met effectively with clear thinking and team participation.

Importance of Time Frame

Once the team is identified it is important to formulate common objectives with time bound implementation plan. This gives perspective and allows running multiple sub-projects in parallel. The real challenge is meeting milestone deliverables and final objective in shortest time frame.

Feasibility, Freedom and Flexibility

The team should have freedom and flexibility to revise the plans within the allocated sales budgets. Keeping in view that opportunities and regulatory environments in overseas markets is dynamic. The international sales are function of many variables such as import regulations, tariffs, duties etc. Also pre sales documentation requirements such as labelling, testing, approvals plays extremely important role. A quick scan report from international sales consultant gives feasibility pointers to revise the export strategy better suited to target market.

Plan, Process and Possibilities

 As in real life there is always an inherent imbalance between a plan and actual process. To correct such imbalances it is important to have an expert with target international market experience on board. This helps to align the process and communicate possibilities in best possible way to increase the chances of successful outcome.

Networking and Navigation

Whether you are looking for Distributors, Franchise or sales agents it is extremely important to have a networking platform. This also helps to navigate through existing option and appoint most suitable sales channel. For example  most suitable route for food franchise offering could be F&B Franchisee. Similarly for tools probably industrials distributor or hardware retailer.

Companies with formal HR infrastructure and policies in place seeks international sales representative. Whereas small enterprises may prefer commission agents as they have limited resources to handle  sales representatives.

Sell overseas offices in India and Dubai (UAE) serves as a baseboard to launch the products and services. The existing affiliate network in Europe, South Korea and Latin America also helps to network with international selling sites.

Tools and Resources

 Employing right tools and allocating resources to effectively use available infrastructure is of prime importance in international sales. has all the right tools to promote selling online or offline through verified database of more than 10,000 sales agents. Flexibility to connect with overseas buyers and partners internationally with  in required business category and zone of interest also helps to save time and resources.

Multilingual experts with business category expertise in local market save time and costly mistakes. This also helps to avoid any wrong interpretations due cultural differences in international markets. along with its partners across the globe provides readymade network of business associates. Consultants and cooperation with business associates  provides clients with well researched export sales intelligence.  It also helps to consolidate  information, support and  connections needed to become global player.

Take first step sell internationally online

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