Integrated approach to develop reseller and franchise network

There is lot that buoys up entrepreneurial quotient in international sales planning and one constant is channel development. Disruptive trends that have held aloft for out of the box thinking cure the pitch for business expansion. To power export sales and stay relevant all businesses have to explore the trends shaping future and adapt to constantly evolving sales ecosystem.

Going by current trends we are witnessing in the market, we expect digital sales connections and online business linking to thrive in coming years and traditional sales travel to drop.

Powering connections to sell internationally.

Sectorial policies and regulatory norms are always tweaked in line with customer privacy policies and business landscape. Most businesses are looking to appoint distributors or connecting with franchisee digitally. We are observing this spike first hand and are constantly updating our services conducive to the requirements of such companies.

Export sales need more than traditional approach of various government export promotion councils or poorly aligned trade bodies. Most of the these trade bodies are headed by retired government executives who generally lack the will or drive to get things done. This could be either due to lack of commercial accountability or  constraints to align with local chambers of commerce.

The benefit of digitizing the sales connections and having someone on the ground to perform due diligence leads to quick results.  Field presence also prepare the background for final contract closing  and takes away lot of risks  with objective based outcomes.

Hybrid model to overseas channel development

Many companies have adapted to hybrid model of employee working; thereby lessening the requirements of actual office significantly. Next step is to look for efficiency in sales related travel, especially for small and medium sized business. It is  one of the best  ways to conserve cash flow. Companies are increasing exploring outsourcing model for certain pre sales functions. This is particularly true for distributor search or reseller appointments while  planning to expand sales overseas.

Integrated Approach to Export Sales

90% of the small medium enterprises often take 3 approaches to expand export sales
a) Get a distributor or reseller.
b) Franchising through Master Franchise.
c) Appointing a sales agent or commission agent.

Balance 10% look for JV or licencing arrangement depending on the product or service and regulatory requirements; typically confined to financial products like insurance, stock brokerage or exchange houses. aims to provide one stop shop for these 90% small and medium enterprises by providing them a combination of digitally searching and physically verifying or doing on ground due diligence on shortlisted channel partners in select geographies either through their own offices or affiliates.


Basically all businesses selling internationally are looking for flexibility to start export sales operations in a cost effective manner. This also allows them the convenience to realign sales strategy anytime. team understands these needs and recognise that we must go above and beyond to provide the required sales infrastructure, especially for budding entrepreneurs who are looking to replicate their success in international markets