10 Top Questions for Sales Representatives to ask

10 Top Questions for Sales Representatives to ask

July 31, 2022
Businesses seek sales representatives with best attributes and personality. This is perfectly understandable, after all they will be the face of the company.

To recruit sales representatives, most companies go through a rigorous process.

Businesses seek sales representatives with best attributes and personality. This is perfectly understandable, after all they will be the face of the company.

At the end of sales interview, most interviewers ask “Do you have any questions?”. It is both an opportunity for sales reps to seek clarifications and chance to show genuine interest. Most sales agents either asks frivolous questions (and yes its fine to ask about holidays) or simply say no.

The way you handle this question will either make you look like a shirker or give a potential competitive advantage.  It’s important to approach this question strategically and use it to full potential.

Here are top 10 questions to ask. Just pick the ones that matter to you and fit the situation.

How your marketing and sales team is aligned to meet sales goals?

This gives a clear idea if your potential employer has the right vision for the market growth. If answer is something you believe in or feel like you could buy into, it’s a good start.

What is sales team structure and where this position is placed?

Understanding the sales team structure clarifies the sales roles and responsibilities. This also gives an idea how it might grow or reduce in future. The more you understand the better.

Can you describe a typical day/week for this role?

Mostly job descriptions are written by HR managers (which may or may not have been  in consultation with line manager).  The answer gives a simple sense of responsibilities or expectations you may expect to fulfil.  It also provides some insight whether the job description matches the expectations of your direct line manager.

What challenges should I expect?

No job in this world is going to be all peaches and cream. Although it is unlikely that you may get a straight answer but potentially the chat could lead to opening about some difficult stuff.

How company rewards its best sales representative who exceed sales goals?

Companies do rewards their best sales representatives beyond what is listed in sales commission agreement or bonus upon meeting sales goals. Sales Managers are happy to share the success stories and how company rewarded a best performing sales reps in the past.

Is it possible to share domestic or overseas sales travel policy?

Finding a sales representative is just a beginning; keeping them motivated is a task. Most sales reps are in the field or travel extensively. A decent sales domestic and overseas sales travel policy goes a long way in maintaining motivation for sales reps.

How is on-boarding or training program for new sales representatives?

A sale is an all-round process;  a newly appointed sales representative have to interact with most of the other departments. Getting to know colleagues and process of other departments goes a long way in performance of a sales rep. The resourcefulness to get things done has a direct impact on progress and growth of a sales rep. This is particularly important if you are being appointed as remote or overseas sales representative.

Can you give me examples of how can I progress my career starting as a sales rep?

This is a leading question to previous one. An ambitious sales representative takes his progress and growth seriously. Company growth and newly appointed sales reps growth should go hand in hand. Having a sense of how – if at all – your potential employer will help you get there is crucial

What is the frequency of sales performance reviews for sales representatives?

Generally, performance reviews and pay reviews are linked. This also helps in revising or meeting sales goals. Knowing this often helps not only from financial prospective but also revising or meeting sales goals. For a sales representative feedback or improvements required is of paramount importance.

Ask about wellbeing and flexibility, too. How does the business approach wellbeing?

In recent years, there has been a shift towards work from home or prioritizing employee well-being. Ask this question when you have an idea of the type of initiatives you need personally. Business are also searching for sales reps who are flexible.

How do you stand out versus competitors and what do customers love about you?

To get an idea of companies USPs or how business relates to their product, customer service this question may help. All businesses need to be self-aware – both in terms of how they can improve their service but also in ways they could become a better employer. The sooner you know the areas in which a business is looking to improve, the better.


It is important to note that all questions may not apply to any given situation.  Asking questions just for the sake of it will not help.  Choose questions and ask about things which genuinely matters. Always do the homework well such as going through business website or reading reviews on websites like Glassdoor.com. Gathering pre hand information about corporate structure and market goes a long way in making an informed decision.