Yes, it is absolutely free to register for all members and listing directory will be updated with registered details.

Yes, Companies can POST FREE as per Listed  Terms of Use. Please refer to our detailed terms and conditions for FREE POST in Terms of Use.

Each FREE POST on (AEPL) shall be for a fixed period (Fixed for 1, 3 or 6 Months), which is subject to change without prior notice. AEPL will commence its FREE services upon receipt of ADMIN FEE (Currently 1 USD/month + Applicable Tax )

  1. FREE POST Qualification Criteria: The POST should be comprehensive with minimum details such as ( or as suitable)
  • Detail of Product/ Service; Current Company Sales Turnover; Sales Route clarity/ Sales Volume expectations.
  • Expected Investment required and ROI (or reseller margin).
  • Marketing Support details / Any other detail to attract potential Channel Partner such as exclusivity/ Sole Representation etc.
  1. We are sure you will agree that POST Quality is first point of contact with your prospective Sales Partner. The Quality/ Content of the  POST  gives measure of your BRAND EQUITY & Purpose to Engage  . For benefit of our esteemed members/ visitors we request you to build POST with at least above details to qualify as FREE POST.