All registered  users -Companies, Sales representatives/ Distributors or Franchisee can purchase a Featured Profile & Companies can  also purchase Banner Advertisement along with  Featured Profile , though it is optional.

A Featured Profile highlights your profile on our homepage and on top/ & side of relevant search results for increased visibility. Since our homepage and the top of search results tend to get the most traffic, your profile will get more visits in comparison to a regular profile. A specific symbol will also be placed on your profile in search results, further attracting the attention of members.

A Banner Advertisement would be displayed on our homepage and on top of relevant search results. Our design team can create a customized banner for you, and once you approve, it would be activated on our website. When an interested member clicks on the banner ad, it would take them directly to your profile. This will give you tremendous visibility to members who are searching. Since the banner ad is usually one of the first things that catch the eye, it is a great way to attract the most members to your profile. Your Banner Ad could also be displayed prominently in the monthly e-mail containing Featured Members sent to all members. This e-mail will be seen by thousands of members.