We are  a major manufacturer, producer and supplier of Safety and occupational shoes , boots and clogs – over 400 models in range

Best in class ESD model range, over 200 models  in production at production bases in EU based countries. We are seeking a dynamic distributor, reseller, retailer or stockist on exclusive basis to serve our growth markets.

Our head office is based in  for more than 20 years now and has been the base of growth globally.

Important Facts about us

  • Our sales are growing at the rate of more than10%  annually in international markets.
  • We are serving our customers globally with a motivated team of  more then 100 employee’s globally.
  • Our customers, channel partners and vendors can reach us through a global network of offices, sales representatives and subsidiaries.

Our Distribution Strengths

  • An established and credible name in the industry.
  • Low investment, high return business proposition.
  • Fast moving inventory
  • We would be happy share list of installed base and key account customers in your allocated geography.
  • We are open to mutually agreeable distribution and warehousing models depending on your segment specific needs  (such as industrial, B2B, B2C or trading etc.) 

Our Growth Story

Our products are widely accepted and enjoy excellent brand equity  and complete brand details can be shared upon receipt of request.

Safety and occupational shoes , boots and clogs – over 400 models in range

Best in class ESD model range, over 200 models

Production in EU countries , delivering globally from Europe

Possible shipments of pallets and boxes , low MOQ

all partners welcomed

Zone of Interest

We have put in ambitious strategy to grow our business and are looking for channel partners, resellers and traders for wider reach in India & Azerbaijan. Preferably operating in capital/ major cities.

Exclusive distribution contract on product basis or for allocated  territorial rights is not a limiting factor for qualified distributors.

What We Offer

  • Initial brand activation through local media.
  • Stock & Inventory planning.
  • Site selection and support on layout plans, interior furnishing etc.
  • Personnel recruitment & training module.
  • Branding support by experts.

Competitive Commercial Policy

We offer fixed term franchise contract with option to renew every 3 year on exclusive basis for the agreed period and geography.

Our distribution policy is extremely competitive and in line with market expectations. Our sales distribution team is committed to support all channel partners on- going basis with

  • Joint Market promotion plan
  • Centralized Advertising budget
  • Sales incentive budgets

The distribution agreement also includes mutually binding terms such as credit policy, discount structure and tiered approach depending on sales target.

Support/ Service

  • Detailed operating manuals to help you in installation and commissioning.
  • Sales and product training at our manufacturing location.
  • Field assistance to service team
  • Expert guidance from product experts to develop OEMs, key accounts and strategic customers.
  • Warranty and Guarantee terms in line with market regulations.

Customized Offer

We are willing to work with you to customize the offer to meet country specific regulatory requirements such as labelling, packaging and obtaining necessary import, export clearances and approvals.

We are open to Manufacturing JV/ Licensing/  local assembly with channel partners and distributors having adequate distribution resources to invest and grow together.

Certifications and Compliances

Our services comply with market applicable quality standards and certifications such as to meet the needs of your market and approving authorities.

What We Expect

The distributor should be able clearly demonstrate and share the following;

  • Experience of minimum 5 years in relevant industry.
  • Financial capability to stock and sell.
  • Proof of funds for operational requirements and audited financial statement to prove credit worthiness.
  • After Sales and service support infrastructure.

Property Requirements

  • Adequately sized showroom and warehousing facility preferably in location which is easily accessible to our addressable customer segment.
  • Our sales team may visit your office and warehouse to perform due diligence before concluding the distribution agreement.

How to Proceed

Just Login through your registered Selloverseas.com account & use “Yes I am interested” tab to submit interest.
We will revert shortly to seek more information as required or our representative may call to fix up video call at the registered mobile number with selloverseas.com.