NAASE connects and empower Sales Engineers across industries.

The North American Association of Sales Engineers (NAASE) is a group of professional and dedicated sales engineers/ technical sales representatives/ solution consultants from a wide range of industries. We help run the technical engine of the broader economy.

Our  organization strives to advance the careers of Sales Engineers and Technical Sales Representatives through connection, shared experiences, and certification.

We aim to foster a base of Certified Sales Engineers across North America and abroad, enable them to connect with one another, and actively promote the profession while serving organizations through reducing the uncertainty of new hires.  (Please Note:  Members and CSE-holders do not specifically need to live or work within North America.)

All technical sales or sales engineers already registered with Selloverseas share your  Registration Id for  a special discount of 20% OFF all NAASE dues/fees.

Typical Annual Membership = $65/ year

For  Registered    members special Membership Price = $52/ year

Typical Certified Sales Engineer Admin Fee = $149 (one time)

For Registered Members CSE Admin Fee= $119 (one time)

We offer various membership benefits, which can be viewed on NAASE  “JOIN” page.

Further information on our CSE professional designation can be found on the “CSE” page of the site.  This includes the basic requirements for receiving this Certificate.  Note:  there is no exam required.

In a world and economy that is truly international, we believe there is significant trade and sales opportunities between companies and end-users within North America and their counterparts in India, the Middle East, and elsewhere.  Given that fact, NAASE is an excellent Association to belong to for all  involved in technical sales and products.

For more information and instructions on how to claim your SOS discount, please inquire via the NAASE website/ Contact form- or email us directly at      Thank you.