Many Commission based sales agents find it difficult to grow their sales career. Most international sales reps feel that their ideas or inputs are not heard or prospects of growth are limited.

As the saying goes in sales the number speaks for themselves better than any idea. All international sales reps should understand that your image perception as a person is greater than both ideas and results.  The first priority for commission based sales agents should always be to sell themselves.

Of course, it all boils down how to do it effectively. Most business owners are put off by bragging and can gauge unreasonable exaggerations while working with international sales agents. The challenge lies in promoting your value which automatically brings out your talents. The values should highlight results and your contribution to the success or objectives.

Try to build value around below context; you will be amazed how it creates win-win for all;

Quantify past results instead of options or ideas.

Businesses grow on numbers and revenue generation. Communicate effectively the sales volume growth and do not forget to mention others who contributed to growth. The sales volume gives weight to idea not the other way around.

Commission based sales agents need to build interpersonal skills.

Subject knowledge or required domain skills are important, but in commission based sales the ability to build relationships with others takes more precedence. Continuously network both within the industry and stakeholders critical to the market. Most businesses evaluate the prospective commission based sales agents on their networking potential and reach.

Consciously generate trust and integrity

An international Sales agent with positive reference and reputation will always get higher value, irrespective of the past positions. Building trust requires open communication, and display of values and in all business situations. Only respect begets respect. The same is true for sales professional working as commission based sales agents.

Demonstrate strengths but focus on a niche

The biggest mistake commission based sales representatives could make is to spread themselves thinly and accept assignments they can’t perform well. Just remember no one can be good at everything but they can be best at one thing. Present yourself as a “brand” that is best within the niche market. Ideally it always help to say no with a smile and recommend someone better if sales scope falls beyond your area of expertise

Nonverbal communication speaks more than the words

Sales are all about action in the field; although telesales and automated bots are picking up. Just remember they are only tools to generate sales leads. It can never match the good old face to face meeting in field to close a sales contract. Statistics show 60 % to 90% of our perception and value communication is nonverbal. This not only includes body language, voice tone but also showing genuine respect and interest through gestures. The way we greet, show respect or conduct ourselves makes huge impact.


Social Image

In current age of social media the line between public and private image has been thinned. Social media comments can either be greatly enhanced or take you down your sales career. The values you generate are somewhat proportional to your participation in industry forums or your views on global issues. All commission based sales agents  should be careful before commenting or making their views public.

Social media is a tool to build value and grow your worth.  Contribution to targeted market niche or developing pool of contacts directly influences your growth.  Many sales careers have been doomed because of the way professionals promote or attack through vicious comments.

International Sales agents need to connect with diverse teams

The current global market is markedly different what it used to 5 years back. In current global market overseas selling involves international sales teams, diverse decision makers and remote working. The values of current generation needs different communication plan. To sell yourself and your value to all these, considering their needs requires a careful message craft.

Expand credibility of your network

The impact of whom you can get through is more than what you have learned in any sales master class.  It is true for any international sales agents today and  will continue to be in future also. Credible connections or circle of influence can help you with results, as well as your image. Sharing scope of your network always helps to impart credibility.

Don’t rely on others to sell you or promote your values

For any international sales reps their career or future growth lies is in their hands only. Never rely on your manager, team mates or customers to sell your values. Being accountable for your actions and avoiding excuses is the best quality for any commission based sales agent. Capitalising on all opportunities to grow and learn pro –actively in business relationships. Help people, and it will surely to come back in one form or the other.


Selling yourself may seem difficult for many international sales reps. However there is difference between self-promotion and creating your own brand value. It doesn’t happen in one day, it is conscious approach which requires step by step approach.  Simple steps like connecting with credible network or building a simple report on team work to achieve specific goal. This will help you becoming more confident and creating appreciation for value you bring.